Complete Bathroom Concepts

Set yourself for success and begin your day
                                                           with the excellence of bafit.

Bafit faucets are designed to ensure an experience of utmost ease smoothness and satisfaction.

Designed by technicians in the filed of faucets since 20 years, baked with experience & expertise.

Exceptional from the first sketch to the moment it is enjoyed and used, Cymatic is a series that is designed to coordinate with the wide range of interiors for a smart and spotless look.

A promise of beauty in the angular reflections of seamless functionality. It is our exploration of innovation and design through the medium of faucets. Let’s bask in the beauty of Berretto.

Encompassing of judicious technology, a byproduct of consumer behaviour & experience design. The prudent series is a class apart with it durable yet design range of versatile products.

Success is a measure as decided by others
                            Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.

Currently, producing faucets in multitudes per day, each with the same amount of precision & care.
We use state-of-the-art technology and further test each faucet time & again for its quality and
performance. Not only do we extend a 10 year warranty on our faucets due to its superior quality
but also due to our trust in being able to serve you for long after you have made your purchase.

Design & performance packed into one dynamic product, we present to you more than
175 faucet designs to choose from, for the future of your bathroom and the start of your day.

At the heart of any faucet, is its cartridge. The cartridge is responsible for the intensity
of the water flow and temperature.

1. To ensure a longer and trouble free operating
life of upto 20 years, given the average
number of operations per day is 60-70,
Bafit cartridges are 5 lacs cycle tested.

2. Tried and tested to work smoothly even
at high temperatures like 85 degrees as
well as in a plethora of pressure conditions
ranging from 0.5 to 5 bar.

3. To avoid breakage or any disruptions we make
sure to use brass instead of plastic in the
spindle of our cartridges.

4. Our wide angled levers provide unmatched
comfort and smooth, flawless operation.

To ensure a splash-free and gentle experience, every faucet is equipped with an aerator 
which softens the spash. It reduces the splash distance by reducing the volume of
the water by making smaller streams inside the main stream of water.

We promise to provide an unmatched shine that acts a dual warrior against corrosion
and the test of time.