Novice by Name,
           Experts by Experience

Having marked the inception of the company in the year 2019, Bafit has been built with the vision of superior quality, impeccable design and the promise of perfection for years to come. Catering to your experiences of luxury, Bafit works towards creating premium bathrooms solutions with high quality and aesthetics. Made with precision in German kilns and using only


Equipped with a skilled in-house team of people to cater to different aspects of one product. Ranging from designers to technicians to manufactures and quality control experts, we are a family that strives for high performance and quality. Backed with experience worth 20 years in the field of faucets and sanitaryware, Bafit understands the nitty gritty of creating products and services that are high in quality, aesthetics and performance.  Bringing to you fresh designs that enhance your space and living with their super gloss finish, highest in the industry. Maintaining International plumbing standards in our manufacturing and installations, we are determined to only serve the best.

Experience worth
                   20 Years
                       in this industry.


Hygiene dictates two-thirds of a person’s health. And we believe one should never have to compromise with the quality of products present in the temple of one’s personal hygiene,the bathroom. At Bafit, quality trumps everything. With a guarantee of nothing but superior quality products in every range and style we strive to deliver only that which we can personally vouch for.


In today’s world where less is more, our products are a personification of minimalism combined with magnificence. While functionality and quality are important to us, aesthetics are equally important. We work hard to create fresh, cutting edge designs that are spotless to look at and easy to maintain and clean at the same time. We believe the designs of our products are no less than a fashion statement and a mode of expression of your personal style.


An intimate affair, using Bafit products will always lead to pure satiation. From the first step to the last our products are designed, created and tested keeping in mind the most important aspect of any product, it’s performance. We take it as a personal challenge to only create products that are highly functional in order to raise the bar of your lifestyle.

Aesthetic statement

The perfect amalgamation of innovation, aesthetics and experience design. Hand picked and chosen through meticulous research, designs that posses the power to express your personal style in an effortless manner.