Welcome to the Bathroom of tomorrow.

Explore the elegance of Bafit to uplift the decor of your bathroom. Bafit Sanitaryware provides a wide array of designs and features, fashioned for different settings and needs. Easy to use and universally well- designed, our range of products will surely satisfy all your sanitary needs to create that perfect sanctuary of satiation. 

Exceptional from the first sketch to the moment it is enjoyed and used, Cymatic is a series that is designed to coordinate with a wide range of interiors for a smart and spotless look. 

A promise of beauty in the angular reflections of  seamless functionality. It is our exploration of innovation and design through the medium of faucets. Let’s bask  in the beauty of Berretto.

Encompassing of judicious technology, a byproduct of consumer behavior & experience design. The Prudent Series is a class apart with it durable yet design range of versatile products.

A reflection of my personal style,
                            An experience unmatched.

Currently, producing faucets in multitudes per day, each with the same amount of  precision & care.We use state-of-the-art technology and further test each faucet time & again for its quality and performance.  Not only do we extend a 10 year warranty  on our faucets due to its superior quality but also due to our trust in being able to serve you for long after you have made your purchase. 

An additional glaze of anti-bacterial Fluoro-Polymer is applied on all bafit WCs and Wash Basins through a special process to ensure protection from unseen and unwanted bacteria.


1.Not only is it for protection against germs but it also renders the surface durable and highly dirt, oil and liquid repellent.

2.Indian humid weather conditions often foster more unwanted and unseen bacteria and germs, for which this glazing is highly ideal. 

3.Forming an immensely strong hydrophobic shield helps prevent the build up of bacteria and germs

4.Also aids in effortless removal of hard water deposits. 

Each sanitaryware product is installed with traps. These traps are important to hold water and protect odours from the sewage to travel back into your living space. At bafit our traps of water are also thoroughly glazed for increased protection.


1.Ensures dirt collection and no give out of odours. 

2.Overall protection from bad odour. 

3.Prevents dust and dirt from sticking inside the trap itself. 

4.Further facilitates effortless flushing as well as waste removal 

1.Resistance to peeling off and deformation over time

2. Load bearing capacity of over 150 kgs

3.For long lasting functionality a special buffer oil is used in the hinges  

4.The shape and texture of the seats to remain unaffected by temperature variations

5.Also dye and stain and scratch resistant 

1.Load Bearing Test 400 kgs for WC and 100 kgs for Wash Basins

2. Chemical Resistance Test to avoid the possibility of stains

3.Flushing tests include 100 Ball Test and Ink Test

4.Spectrophotometer Test for color stability

5.Autoclave Test for Craze Resistance 

1.Easy to fix to fall due to flatness of parts

2. Perfect fitting for a flawless look

3.Ensure gap free installation between wall, floor and the fitting portions of the sanitaryware.

4.Easy to install due to elongated rag bolts holes which are elliptical in shape.

A relationship of trust between our clients and us

due to our perseverance to serve even after sales. 

Regularity and uniformity practices throughout all products available for retail and project. No differences in terms of product quality, design and colour.  

For efficient flushing and effortless
cleansing we use innovative and hygienic designs.

No side windows for installations, the designs add

to the aesthetic neatness of the WC.

Cleans entire toilet rim as well as the bowl more effectively

while reducing water consumption at the same time.